Donor stewardship

As 2017 comes towards a close, it is likely that you are either receiving or sending a vast amount of appeals to request support of worthy and beneficial organizations.  Here’s a question:  How do you feel when the letters and phone calls come in succession, without a word of thanks?  Unappreciated?  Undervalued?  Taken for granted? Defeated or Disinterested?

At any point and time, donors, including those who are employed in the field of philanthropy, are at risk of any or all of these emotions.  To be quite candid, I’ve been victimized by these very feelings and have had to battle them in order to continue supporting some of my chosen organizations.

There’s nothing worse, from the donor’s perspective, than to be affiliated with an organization that shares little of what is transpiring, especially connecting her/his contributions to the results, within the organization.  To this end, we should proactively seek to meet the donors’ need for inclusion, providing regular updates, as is reasonably possible.  In fact, they should know when to expect them.  A heartfelt interest in and commitment to your donors will help to reproduce the same investment, on your behalf, from your donors.