Sustaining donor funds: A few thoughts

In today’s world of non-profits, donor funds are key in their financial profiles. All too often, however, the onesie twosie donors, to your all important cause, is the norm rather than the exception. An ever present goal is to build a foundation for your organization to secure sustainable funding.

When seeking grants, in most cases; organizations articulate their visions and missions, find donor organizations or individuals interested in supporting them as well as those who do or have in the past, starting the process from those who are interested. The means of doing this can range from opening a secure donation form on your organization’s website to using the phone or correspondence, to solicit donations.

However, if you want to secure funding for an extended period of time, there are several crucial matters to consider.

  1. Make sure that the organization’s work, including its quality is consistent.
  2. Make sure your reports are well articulated and clearly written.
  3. Seek independent donors. Foundations and similar funding organizations like to see that their recipients are attempting to get additional funding, via their own efforts.

What’s next?

Make sure you get as much media coverage as possible. This proves to a good morale boost to the organization’s team members as well as the people and organizations who are making it possible to stay afloat, achieving your goals and objectives. The overall result is that everyone is glad to see that the organization is actually doing the things that are highlighted in the proposals.

These are basic and critical areas to consider, to not only get funds, but to lay a foundation that allows them to be received in a sustainable manner.