“The New Biology of Health” — Is it the wave of perpetual rejuvenation?

What is this “New Biology of Health?”  Is it the latest promotion for a cure-all for cancer, diabetes, and heart related disease?

Simply put, the “New Biology of Health” is about maintaining your body’s acid/alkaline balance or pH level. The ideal pH level, as measured by saliva, urine, or blood tests, is slightly alkaline.

Dr. Robert O. Young, cellular biologist and author of the pH Miracle, along with others such as Dr. Jamie McManus, Chair of Medical Affairs for Shaklee Corporation, teaches that our American lifestyles and diets destroy cellular health.  It is, of course, the state of our cells that determine our overall health.

Said another way, it is our lifestyles and diets that make us sick, tired, and susceptible to viruses and bacteria; not to mention accelerated aging. Take a look at the pill boxes and medicine cabinets of people you know. It often seems that the number of prescription pills one takes is directly proportional to their age.

The Rebalancing Act — Getting to the “pH Miracle”
Exactly where’s the miracle in all of this?  It’s pH balancing.  When we restore our pH level to slightly alkaline, via a cleansing process, we’re back in good health.  What this means, is that for a time, at least, there must be no meat, egg, sugary fruit, dessert, dairy, coffee, tea, soda, juice, or bread consumption.

Is It Worth the Effort?
Why subject yourself to such a radical change? Many people will never even try rebalancing because they may think you have to be a food nerd to alkalize. But, there are thousands of others who swear the “alkalarian” lifestyle dramatically improves their health and enjoy a salad for breakfast!

Let’s take a look at an example of someone who’s motivated to “get healthy” and regain that “youthful” feeling.  Here’s a Real-Life Example: Sharon Boomer, age 65 and slightly overweight, suffered from chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, glaucoma, and high blood pressure and cholesterol.  A few years ago, a routine test showed precancerous cells.  Thankfully, surgical intervention “corrected” this condition.

Is Sharon a typical middle-aged baby boomer?  Yes, but with a major difference from most.  She believes that being sick, tired, and generally unhealthy can be changed.

Embracing the pH Balancing Program
Deciding to implement pH balancing, she decreased the amounts of the most acid foods in her diet . . . red meat, sugar, pasta, dairy products, eggs, and processed foods. She added vegetables and salads, substituted grapefruit for oranges, almond milk for cow’s milk, almond butter for peanut butter, and filtered water for tap water.

As Sharon’s pH levels increased and her body eliminated deadly toxins, she felt more and more energized. She actually craved alkaline foods.

The 30-Days’ Results
Sharon’s pH Balancing journey resulted in 2 big payoffs: a major boost in energy and the loss of more than 10 pounds, with little effort.

These results may seem uneventful.  But, for Sharon, they are a new beginning. Instead of pushing herself to get through each day and then collapsing on the couch at night, she thinks more clearly, acts more quickly, and has energy to spare for her family and things that she enjoys.

What would a new beginning or fresh start mean for you?
If you’re weary of being sick and tired, visit this site.  The password is fresh start.  Let me know when you’d like to get started.  Aging really can be quite appealing and rewarding.  We make it otherwise, with diet and lifestyle choices that adversely affect our bodies.