The Stewardship Fundraiser – Zenobia Bailey

Helping 501c3 Organizations Sustain Their Visions

I’ve been associated with the Shaklee Corporation for more than 30 years, as a satisfied customer. Today, I am a huge advocate, turned distributor. Alongside Shaklee, I’ve taught K-University, worked with a number of nonprofits and trade associations such as The Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce, The Minority Enterprise Small Business Investment Companies, and The National Association of Community Health Centers. I currently volunteer for The One World Center for Autism.

Shaklee is a premiere company that provides the highest quality of safe natural and green products, bar none! The fact that Shaklee extends 501c3 organizations a complimentary arrangement to help them build sustainable income is something that I want to promote far and wide, especially in this economic climate. An unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee on all Shaklee products makes every purchase a win win situation.

Interests Homelessness, Clean and Potable water for our third world neighbors; Domestic Abuse; Human Trafficking; Toxin-free Homes; Autism and Alzheimer’s.